Manufacturing medical and healthcare products.

What Our Customers Require

Manufacturing medical and healthcare products is a significant investment for pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical device industries. SciTROX support customers to streamline their operations through Lean initiatives and improvement methods to eliminate waste and cutting costs through the design and manufacturing process.

Our We Help Companies

SciTrox offers the following activities to improve business outcomes;

• Screening opportunities for identifying waste and cost savings in the manufacturing process.

• Use lean solutions to provide a solution to improves process and deploy standardisation and sustaining operations.

• Yield optimisations by using our tried and tested methodologies in lean and statistical methods.

• Creating lean sigma roadmap maps to improve manufacturing and developments.

• Setting out customer requirement to focus on R&D manufacturing with products with the highest outcome of success.

• Using our lean methods to identify opportunities to reduce errors and production problems.

• Identifying opportunities for eliminating waste and cutting costs throughout the design and manufacturing process.

• Developing the influential voice of the customer and market assessment programs to focus R&D and manufacturing on only the products with the highest profit potential.

• Clarifying your organisation's leadership vision to ensure all operations are working toward the same goals.

• Using lean solutions to identify opportunities to reduce errors, increase production accuracy, and deliver better production yields.

• Managing R&D with enterprise-level value stream mapping.

• Product management specializing in driving the best outcomes for your healthcare product.

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